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Is there a volume commitment?
No. There's no volume commitment and you can spend your credits at the pace you want. Your balance never expires.

What payment types are accepted?
We accept PayPal and Credit Cards.

What is the minimum deposit amount?
Minimum deposit is USD$5.00

Do you have DIDs?
At the moment, we have DID numbers available for USA in 49 states and 4 provinces of Canada. We also have USA toll free numbers. We have international DIDs available in 30 countries.

Can I check call details online?
Yes, you can access your Call Details report online. It is updated every 60 seconds.

Suddenly I am unable to make any international calls, what should I do?
Please login to your account and make sure you have a positive balance amount. If the balance is negative, add credits to your account will allow you to make calls again.

Do you support 911/e911

We use e911 (Enhanced 911) and are 100% compliant with FCC and CRTC and cover 100% of USA/Canada.



Will I be able to keep my existing phone number if I switch over to T3 Telecom?
Yes, you can order our phone number porting service to have your existing phone number transferred. It takes from 2 to 4 weeks to complete the porting process.

How should I dial calls?
For your convenience, we support 3 standards. 011 Prefix, 00 Prefix and direct country code. For example, to call the UK you can use 01144+number, 0044+number or 44+number. To call the USA you can use 1+Area Code+Number or 001+Area code+number.


We have listed the Star Codes that may be more widely used below.


Call Return Code 

This code calls the last caller.


Call Forward Act Code

Forwards all calls to number specified after the activation code.


Call Forward Deact Code

Cancels call forwarding of all calls.


Call Forward Busy Act Code

Forwards busy calls to the number after the activation code.


Call Forward Busy Deact Code 

Cancels call forwarding of busy calls.


Call Waiting Act Code 

Enables call waiting on all calls.


Call Waiting Deact Code  

Disables call waiting on all calls.


Block CID Act Code 

Blocks caller ID on all outbound calls.


Block CID Deact Code 

Removes caller ID blocking on all outbound calls.


Block CID Per Call Act Code 

Blocks caller ID on the next outbound call.


Block CID Per Call Deact Code 

Removes caller ID blocking on the next inbound call.


Block ANC Act Code

Blocks all anonymous calls.


Block ANC Deact Code 

Removes blocking of all anonymous calls.


DND Act Code        

Enables the do not disturb feature.


DND Deact Code 

Disables the do not disturb feature.



How do I access my voicemail by phone?

To access your voice mail from your VoIP phone:


Press *97 to access directly the Mailbox associated to the account you are dialing from.


To access your voice mail by any other telephone:


1. From a touch-tone phone, dial your phone number.

2. Once the Voicemail system answers your call, press the asterisk key (*).

3. Enter your passcode. Once you have successfully entered your passcode, you are within your voice mail system.

    Please follow the operator instructions to access your message.


What are the supported codecs?
G.711 (μ-law / pcmu) , G.729 and GSM.

What codec should I use?
For best sound quality, if you have the bandwidth available, we recommend G.711u. However, you can still maintain an excellent voice quality and lower bandwidth usage with codecs like G.729.

What are the supported protocols?
We support SIP and IAX2.

Can you give me some details about these different protocols?
The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is an application-layer control (signaling) protocol for creating, modifying, and terminating sessions with one or more participants. These sessions include Internet telephone calls, multimedia distribution, and multimedia conferences." (cit. RFC 3261). It was originally designed by Henning Schulzrinne (Columbia University) and Mark Handley (UCL) starting in 1996. The latest version of the specification is RFC 3261 from the IETF SIP Working Group. In November 2000, SIP was accepted as a 3GPP signaling protocol and a permanent element of the IMS architecture. It is widely used as a signaling protocol for Voice over IP, along with H.323 and others.

Source and more information: Wikipedia

IAX is the Inter-Asterisk eXchange protocol used by Asterisk, a dual licensed open source and commercial PBX server from Digium and other softswitches and PBXs. It is used to enable VoIP connections between servers, and between servers and clients that also use the IAX protocol.

IAX now most commonly refers to IAX2, the second version of the IAX protocol. The original IAX protocol has been deprecated almost universally in favor of IAX2

Source and more information: Wikipedia

H.323 is an umbrella recommendation from the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) that defines the protocols to provide audio-visual communication sessions on any packet network. It is currently implemented by various Internet real-time applications such as NetMeeting and Ekiga (the latter using the OpenH323 implementation). It is a part of the H.32x series of protocols which also address communications over Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), Public switched telephone network (PSTN) or Signaling System 7 (SS7). H.323 is commonly used in Voice over IP (VoIP, Internet Telephony, or IP Telephony) and Internet Protocol (IP)-based videoconferencing. Its purpose is thus similar to that of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

Source and more information: Wikipedia

What protocol should I use?
We recommend SIP. However we fully support IAX2

What type of equipment is required?
Any type of software or device (unlocked) which support SIP or IAX2. Including free softphones such as X-lite, free open source PBX Asterisk, Voxalot, Trixbox distribution, VoIP ata's and VoIP phones, Hardware CISCO VoIP switches etc. Basically, any hardware or software that supports one of the 2 protocols we offer.

How come the quality of voice on the phone suddenly degraded?
This situation could happen if you or someone in your network is downloading a big file which occupied large amount of your internet bandwidth and that will affect the overall voice quality of your phone calls.

What is the difference between Value and Premium Route for international destination?
Value route is one of the best quality carriers that we could find and target at clients who are looking for the best prices without any volume commitment.
Premium route is routed through established and renowned tier-1 carriers that can deliver the same destination, at a price that is little higher than our value route option. This is the default routing selection for our clients to assure best quality.
To override account setting, you can dial your international destination as follows:
033+Country Code+number: International Value Route
044+Country Code+number: International Premium Route



I've a problem configuring my device/server, can you help?
We always do our possible to have you up and running. Customer support is an important part of our philosophy. We'll do the best to help you no matter the type of equipment you are using.

Do you have configuration examples?
Configuration to use our service is very straightforward with most software/devices. If your equipment is not included in the configuration examples and you have difficulties setting up your device, we'll be glad to assist you.




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