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LNP Canada Coverage Extended

We are happy to announce that we have expanded our coverage for Alberta, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec for new DID number orders and porting requests.



Phone scam being run from call centres


We never outsource our service to any company whatsoever. We have not deployed any cold calling advertising campaign to solicit our phone service.



e911 Testing Code (811) Has Been Changed 


Please note that the feature code (811) that was used for testing your e911 activation service has been removed and replaced by 1-555-555-0911 instead. The reason for this change is to enable service dialing for Canadian users and soon for US servers as well.

From now on, if you want to test your 911 activation, do not dial 811. You will have to dial 1-555-555-0911 from a device or soft-phone connected to our network.

--- New Service codes for Canadian servers ---

In Addition to 411(directory assistance) and 911, the following codes have been activated on our Canadian Servers:

311 - Non-Emergency Police, Municipal and Other Governmental Services
511 - Provision of Weather and Traveler Information Services
811 - Non-Urgent Health Teletriage / telehealth Services

Important Notes:

The services can only be called from our Canadian servers. We plan on adding service codes to our US servers as soon as possible.


The services rely on your CallerID to route your call to the proper service line, therefore, some services may not be supported in your province or for your specific area.

There are no charges applied to your account when you call 311, 511 or 811.


Voicemail via IVR  


If an extension is unanswered or busy, IVR redirected calls will be routed to the extension specific voicemail instead of the main DID voicemail.

Voicemail Access Code

Regarding Voicemail, when Dialing *97, if your account has a mailbox associated to it, you will be prompted directly for the password and you are no longer required to enter the mailbox id.


If you don't have access to our VoIP network and would like to check your Voicemail, you can simply dial your number. Once the Voicemail system answers your call, press the asterisk key (*).

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